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Rich Webinterface

The integrated web server provides full access to the motor and lets you specify your desired position, speed, and torque.

With the live visualization, you get instant feedback on what’s happening – on any Webbrowser on your mobile phone or at your desktop computer.

No Software or App needs to be installed. The Web-GUI is working on every platform.


Attache up to 8 slave motors

CAN Master and Slave

Each HDrive is also a CAN Slave or Master. Clients are getting recognized automatically and can be controlled with only one XML ticket to the Master. That means you do not have to care about the communication between the salves at all. The HDrive-Master is getting your command over Ethernet and distributes all Slave commands to the attached slaves.

The motion is triggered by a sync signal, thus the master and all slaves will start in sync.


Realise your application today.

The time savings achieved by eliminating device drivers and configuration programs streamline application development substantially.
The only thing required for motor configuration is a web browser. Whether you decide to use a PC, a tablet or even a smartphone; if it has a web browser, you can control the HDrive Servo motor!

Unlike current servo drives, Henschel Robotics doesn’t force you to use complicated and cumbersome control sequences to control movement. One simple and understandable command is all it takes to move an HDrive:

<control position=”202″ speed=”300″ current=”150″ mode=”129″ acc=”1000″ decc=”1000″ />

This command sets a new target position of the servo motor to 20.2° the max. speed for the internal path planer is 300 RPM, acceleration and deceleration on this ramp is set to 1000 RPM/s^2 with a torque limit of 150 mNm.
Many programming languages enable sending such text commands over TCP/IP with just a few lines of code. This XML -interface makes programming of even complex movement patterns a breeze.

Motion Planer

Acceleration, Deceleration and maximum Speed can be controlled independently. Furthermore, the underlying PID-T1 Control algorithm is fully documented


The HDrive has all high tech components inside. Powered by a state of the art ARM microcontroller and a high-end Position sensor

Fully integrated - no external control - no bulky wires

The HDrive is a fully integrated Servo motor. Motor control, a position encoder, current sensing – its everything inside.

Jerk free motion

Due to a complex control algorithm (FOC), it is possible to move the motor entier smooth. There is hardly any difference to a DC-Servo-Motor.

Realise your application today!

All the tools you’ll need.

For every Device

You can use nearly every Ethernet capable device to control our HDrive Servo motor. We do not need any device drivers nor having OS dependencies due to the communication over TCP/IP.

This means you can use our Motor with Arduino, Raspberry PI,  Beagle Bone, Windows, Linux and so on.

Simple protocol

All inclusive.


A conventional servo motor is mostly made out of multiple parts. The user needs to setup, wire and configure everything.



The HDrive does only need an Ethernet capable device on the host side. A PC is sufficient, only plug the Power and the Ethernet and your setup is done

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